Hiking Helvellyn and Scafell Pike

Jun 23, 2021



Day 2 adventure….

If you missed Part 1 of the Lake District Adventure….You can click here to read!

We planned to hike not 1 but 2 mountains! Helvellyn at 950m and Scafell Pike at 978m the tallest in England. With planning we would have a couple of hours chill and refuel time in between each climb. We hadn’t accounted for the car not starting due to a flat battery! 7 am start turned into 11.30 am start…. but I think it all adds to the adventure right? It makes it memorable!

This is Helvellyn, Lake District.

Hiking the shortest route and the steepest!

This is Scafell Pike, Lake District.

We choose the Corridor route going up and the most direct but well trodden and less scenic route down for speed due to th lack of sunlight remaining!

A fiery sunset on the distant mountain ridge, electrifying to us spectators.

Sunset view from Scafell Pike descent

A total of 7 hours hiking, 2000m (minimum) ascending/elevation. Our bodies felt the withering tiredness. We just had to navigate the Wrynose Pass back to Ambleside. I can imagine stunning views during the day but at 10.30pm the black abyss above disguised the meandering road with sharp drops becoming apparent only when we were upon them!

I wouldn’t recommend the pass at night, unless your disposition is one that seeks near death experiences!!

Human Experience in relation to the Mountains

There is a magic in the mountains that is unique. The stillness and rawness of the environment creates space within your mind. Your reality expands. My imagination and creativity expands with each deep lungful of unpolluted air.

What is your human experience of being in the mountains?

Which of your senses is triggered first, the sounds, the visuals, the smell of fresh grass? The heat of the sun on your face? 

What keeps pulling you back to the mountains time and time again? Or what is holding you back from hiking, skiing or boarding in mountainous regions? Is it fear, fitness, time, health, motivation?

Whatever the reason I am not here to judge but only to offer something as a philosophy of sorts….

We have this human experience, that is all we really know right now, so why don’t you go and dial up the magic as much as possible. Experiences are the memories we carry with us, the stories we tell and can pass on. Immerse yourself in nature, and reconnect yourself back to the knowing of being a unique expression of creation…..a miracle of/in nature.

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