A moral revolution – People and the planet before profit.

May 30, 2021



Capitalism and technology changed the world. It lifted 1 billion people out of poverty. But at the same time it has left us more unequal and more divided and facing short-term climate catastrophe.

We need a moral revolution – a reframe of our current system that puts profit at the centre before people or the planet.

I am excited to see the beginnings of a shift that puts humanity and Mother Earth at the centre.

I trust that we as a society are going in the right direction but our planet needs more solution based creative thinking to radically shift for the greater good. I am excited for the innovation that is happening and will happen. I am excited for the conversations I hear through podcasts and reading online blogs but it is not until you really look (in my experience) are these ideas and information available to everyone.

This is what this post is about:

  • The problem
  • Sharing my thoughts and insights
  • Sharing inspiration and content I valued
  • Collaboration is the ‘new way’

So the Problem:

I wrote and rewrote this section but I came to the conclusion that you, the reader probably know of the problems within society! You see it, feel it and sense it. Capitalism, climate change, mental health…all three are connected through the cause and affect of capitalism and individualism. This is not to say that socialism is the new way either, it’s a balance.

….A Balance…

and a new system that listens and learns from people, from nature and from our Mother Earth.

What is the cause? Let’s heal the cause…

It’s a very logical approach to any problem, find the cause and make adjustments. However heal the cause and nurture the foundations and roots of societal issues DOES NOT MAKE MONEY for huge corporations which ultimately we are learning more and more are the master chess players of humanity.

This is the product of a masculine competitive society we have grown up in. The feminine energy is suppressed leaving people and the planet suffering.

We have been a part of the system since we first came of our Mothers Va***…… Belly button!

Told what to do, how to be, what to learn etc.

I came across this EPIC tune recently and as I write I feel the urge to include it… So here you go! Enjoy!

Change will NOT come from above….I am sure most individuals that have ‘power’ have good intentions, or had good intentions at some point but we KNOW our current system has run its course.

What we haven’t reimagined is what we need to become…

‘Because there is no road map – we can only hold onto our moral compass and for me that is the beginning of a moral revolution.’ Jacqueline Navogratz

Alignment over hustle – my journey!

Hustle mentality screams masculinity! Hustle, go hard or go home, do more, be more, have more more more!

I bought into this for so long, thinking that by only sleeping 5hrs a night I would be able to get ahead and get to the success destination quicker.

It felt badass at first, almost intoxicating being on that high drive mentality. I thought this was the secret, just drink more coffee, take more stimulants, skip meals and feel the need to prove how good I was by telling people ‘I have been so busy I forgot to eat’ and think that was really cool… like success roadmap… I am all in!!

But….I am a human, NOT A MACHINE. I couldn’t keep up my mechanical robotic day to day without malfunctioning. Little glitches at first, run down, frequent cold’s and coughs, then my enthusiasm and enjoyment started to fade, I would then comfort eat or drink for that quick dopamine fix, repeating the cycle until burn out, or in my case rock bottom.

Where did I go wrong?

I had an outdated road map. A road map that works or had worked for a select few humans but mainly mechanical robots! I was so caught up in ‘doing’ and forgetting ‘being’.

Reimagining an economy and society that is BALANCED between Masculine and Feminine:

I think it important to make clear, that although the terms men/boy is considered Masculine and women/girl is considered Feminine. Every human has both masculine and feminine energy forces at play. Through learning or learned behaviours based on outdated ideas of how girls and boys ‘should’ be, you may have developed stronger energies in either masculine or feminine traits.

Masculine Leadership

  • Focus’s on own needs
  • Competitive
  • Assertive
  • Protect
  • Goal Orientated
  • Rational linear/ Logical thinking
  • Independence
  • Mono-task
  • Bias for Action
  • Individualistic

The wounded masculine

  • Controlling
  • Aggressive
  • Withdraws
  • Avoids
  • Abusive
  • Unstable
  • Overly competitive

Feminine Leadership

  • Compassionate care for others
  • Collaborative
  • Receptive, grateful
  • Nurture
  • Relationship directed
  • Intuitive
  • Interdependance
  • Multi-task
  • Patience, forgiveness
  • Empathetic

The wounded Feminine

  • Insecure
  • Needy
  • Co-dependent
  • Inauthentic
  • Overly emotional
  • Victim
  • Manipulative

Embracing the feminine in our working lives:

In my last blog post I talked about Moon cycles and Sun cycles, in relation to the suppressed feminine energy and honouring the menstruation cycle.

Just as the sun cycle affects both men and women, the moon cycle affects both men and women:

We know that the moon is super powerful, it causes the oceans to bulge resulting in high and low tides! That’s a strength that should be recognised more profoundly right? Within a business environment however the lunar calendar is almost invisible!

Everything in nature has a rhythm, tune into the rhythm and you create harmony. As we are a part of nature, not separate from it, then the lunar cycle affects every aspect of our lives.

The 12 month calendar was invented by Julius Ceasar at the time when the Roman republic was becoming a colonial empire, as a way of coordinating the subjugation of its conquered people – it represents a tool of domination rather than democracy. The number 13 has been demonised ever since. (I was born on the 13th…so I think the number is pretty badass!)

Tuning into the rhythm of the lunar cycle:

There are three distinct phases to the lunar cycle:

New moon: (day 1)

  • This is a time for reviewing the past month and setting goals for the coming month.

Waxing moon: From the day after a new moon until a full moon (2-14 days) –

  • Put ideas out, initiate new projects, make connections with people, promote activities and products you want to generate support for.

Waning moon: Day after full moon to day before new moon (15-28)

  • Reap the harvest of what you have sown, tie up loose ends, finish things off and clear the decks.

For menstruating women – follow your own lunar/menstruation cycle!

Collaboration is the new way:

Ideas from Jacqueline’s podcast episode.

SKILLS to develop and teach:

  • Moral imagination
  • Listening 
  • Understanding identity as a tool rather than a bludgeon
  • Holding space for opposites without rejecting either side. (Not my way or your way)
  • Empathy

What can we do:

  • Invest and support entrepreneurs that are trying to solve humanity’s problems and trying to make the world better for the future.
  • Support B-Corp companies and in turn help elevate other companies in the process.
  • Redefine how we recognise and celebrate success. For so long we have attributed money, power and fame to success. To be seen to be ‘living a good life’, by our peers.

How about we celebrated success as people who release the most human energy into the world?

Imagine if:

  • Job roles that help people and help the planet are paid abundantly? Imagine if a doctor or teacher was paid as well as investment bankers?
  • Imagine if creatives were not stereotyped or tarnished with negative labels and instead celebrated and supported throughout the process of expressing their truths through painting, music, writing, dancing etc.
  • Can you imagine the calibre of people within these fields if it was respected financially?

Resources and Reading:

Shifting the economy for the greater good is a process but we are at such a pivotal moment when the last year has thrown old ideals out the window.

Your moral compass, what does it look like, feel like?

Celebrating our individual ideas and experiences and boldly speaking up and out to the world for the good of the collective that is the basis of a moral revolution to me.

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BRAND NEW PODCAST – that I am super excited to start listening to:

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