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Jun 30, 2021




You are that Droplet

The water always finds its way back home.
It carves out new shapes and flow,
it detours and meanders, it swells and subsides
but it always makes its way home.
You are that droplet of water.

The edge of perspective

The power of the ocean
Standing on the edge of the pier, the tip of land.
The volume of the water sweeping towards me, beneath me.
Powerful, engulfing, shaking the wooden planks beneath my feet.
The only separation between me and the water.
Energy comes in waves, a swell rippling here and now, the cause and effect of another time space reality, where foreign lands possess stormy skies.
Everything is connected, people to people, people to the environment.
Water to water. Skies to water. Water to land. Water to people to land.
It's beautiful that the human experience gets to feel all of this connection. To play with the transferring of energies.
We take a lot, so we must also give a lot.
The oceans, the people, the lands, the animals, they deserve that. They deserve to play, to rejoice, to feel loved and connected to the energy that we give out.
Full circle.

Thursday walks

Water is strength
Water is malleable
Water is fluid
Water is dynamic
Water is serene
Water is strength
Water is ever changing
But it never loses its power.

Sunrise hour

Morning Walks

The private beach
Both alive and still
A calmness on the surface
An aloneness to many.
To the curious spectator,
There are multiple movies in the whole scene.
The sky changes form and colour tones shifts; 
from icy pastels to deep lilac and lavender,
 a brewing storm, fierce and smothering.
The sand morphs and freezes.
The survey boat zig zags on the horizon.

The Magic

Sunrise sessions..
The greatest artistry
The magic of the morning hours, where
creativity comes alive
Playful, majestic and magic.
The only time I have ever witnessed the water ninjas!

A note to the sun

It's a weird feeling, when the summer comes.
The summer months when life is supposedly the most vibrant, I sense a wintering within me. A nostalgic malaise of sunrise mornings. With the timestamp currently at 4.53am, I am on sunrise rations.
My connection with the sun is in its winter phase…
I miss her.
Not wanting to wish time away but all the same eagerly waiting for time to pass. So we can marvel again at the greatest artistry lighting up the skies.
Until then….I will reminisce in old photographs.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
It's true sun, it's true.

Adventure and Nature

All I wanna do is go wild camping,
Make a fire,
Cook on the open fire and then dance around it howling, chanting and singing!
Hike somewhere I haven't been before
Watch sunrise and sunset
Take all the photos and videos
Let my CREATIVITY go wild then and share with world
Learn and improve my writing skill
Write poetry
Write about the sun, moon, stars, nature.
Keep on writing
Live life everyday as a wild epic adventure.
Peter Pan and Moana.....maybe my heroes
Ask big questions about life, about living and the human experience. 
Ponder them for hours and marvel at the insights received.
Write them down only to reread a few days later and smile with wide eyes at how deep my thoughts can go!
Read books from brilliant minds!
Escape into the fictional narrative of stories coming alive and out of the pages!
I want to dance and keep on dancing to whatever rhythm the drum beats.
I want to plant sunflowers, watch them grow and watch them turn towards to sun.
I want to grow my own veggies and fruits and delicious produce.
Then use them to cook a feast for friends!
I want to stay in a treehouse.
Build a treehouse and create a rope swing to play on.
Lay in a hammock to read whilst watching the trees and leaves dancing in the wind.

The Moon

The illuminating moon.
The dazzling white aura.
Shining brightly, a strength and boldness.
Show up.
The westerly star wanting to be seen.
100% effort to shine boldly.
To make a difference.
That's what the moon and star signalled for me tonight.
They lifted me, communicating with my being.
Opening up my being to elevate and SHOW UP bright and bold!


What can we learn from the water
What can we learn from the trees
What can we learn from the flower and the bee?

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