Creating new experiences (Lockdown list)

Mar 8, 2021



New experiences are awakening. They challenge you and they require you to focus and tune in. They shift energy and revitalise the soul.

A new experience can be as simple as dancing around your room listening to your fave tune…but GOING ALL IN! If that’s something you do often…scroll through Spotify or whatever streaming app you use, pick a random song from an alternative genre and dance to that!

This video is of me and my friend Emily a badass bizz babe…. going back into the water without the warmth of our beanie’s to dive into the waves and head dunk! Something I have never done in 8.2 C water! It felt wild and liberating!

What will you get from saying yes to new experiences…

  • Learn something new
  • Laugh out loud…laughing at yourself! Who doesn’t need more belly laughter in their everyday life!
  • Let go of caring what other thinks of you
  • FUN. 
  • FUN.
  • Creative ideas come ad inspiration when you are relaxed and open to trying something new
  • You may discover your new lifelong hobby!
  • Will help with business ideas/work problems/ uni projects….

If you say no and you skip…

  • Nothing lost…just the same old you, doing the same old things you always have done!
  • May develop a Moany “I’m bored” attitude…. if you are not already wearing the Moany hat!

33 Creative living ideas and experiences list ….

(thanks to my overly active brain that receives ideas from a higher power of some sort a lot of the time)

  1. Cold Water Plunge/Dip/Swim….sea, lake, river, bath tub, the garden pond (mind the fishies)
  2. Dance for 10 mins full out, like no one is watching.
  3. Cook a new recipe – or a 3 course meal.
  4. Play card game with family/friend.
  5. All those childhood games you played….BRING THEM BACK! Enjoy playing table tennis, badminton, darts, hopscotch, chess, connect 4, monopoly etc
  6. Arty – write a poem, draw/paint your dog/cat or hamster or break all rules of reality and let the free flowing inspiration create a whacky abstract piece!
  7. Rewrite the lyrics to your fave song.
  8. Take a walk at night alone – unless you live in an area where there is a high probability of death by doing so…OR you are a young reader of 12 years old…then please listen to a more responsible person than me! 
  9. Go for 10 mins of movement in every hour on the hour between 9-5 or 6am-9am. Skip – jog – hopscotch – boxing skills – burpees (savage)
  10. Learn to skip (with a rope)
  11. Write a letter to someone
  12. Send words of encouragement through a letter to everyone on your road….bonus points for anonymous letters!
  13. Write your partner a love letter…a saucy one, a deeply sentimental tear jerking one or a letter with all the things you are grateful for about them!
  14. 10 min visualisation of being on your fave holiday or adventuring somewhere unknown to you yet! (Option to share with partner/friend)
  15. Visualise – if you had all the time and money and resources available to you…what would your average day look like from waking to sleeping.
  16. Learn to/try a handstand / cartwheel / roly-poly! (NOTE…will not be held responsible for injuries!!)
  17. Call someone to apologise/forgive and make amends with them (with precaution – as long as it does not cause further harm to them in doing so)
  18. Forgive yourself for something you regret. Write it down, say it out loud, repeat throughout the day (then burn it!!!!)
  19. Register as an organ / blood donor.
  20. Create 12 challenges for next 12 months. Print pics, write in calendar/journal.
  21. Change room around in the house – shift the energyyyyy!
  22. Read for 12 hours straight – or finish a book in a day, whichever comes first.
  23. TV and social media ban for a day (24hrs)
  24. Be silent for a whole day – mini retreat (no words spoken)
  25. Have an ice bath/ as cold as it gets shower.
  26. Sleep naked.
  27. Find 5 different trees on a walk – take pics. Really look at them, the detail, the shape, the bark, the moss – then read up on them. The interesting facts…perhaps even their name!
  28. Research history of your town/ county. Marvel at how much has changed over the years!
  29. Learn to say hello, how are you or similar greeting in 5/10 different languages. Memorise and recite in evening.
  30. Look at yourself naked in the mirror for 1/2/3/5 mins. Repeat kind words of appreciation of what you love/like about yourself. 
  31. Learn a card trick
  32. Give yourself a home mani/pedi – guys and girls
  33. Have a day that is themed by a country – Mexican – eat papaya, avocados tacos, tortillas, drink mescal and tequila, watch Disney’s Coco, Frida, Sicario, listen to Alejandro Fernández, Julieta Venegas, C-Kan, Sofia Reyes, Los Panchos, Mariachi Classics Playlist!


This list might seem petty, childlike etc etc…..BUT….when did we go to serious as adults?? I don’t know about you but I want to have as much fun in this human experience as possible! Why let go of all the things we used to do as a child just because our biological age clock defines us ‘adult’.

Let me know in the comments what new experiences you have said Yes to…. Go wild, get creative, enjoy TODAY!

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