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Mar 8, 2021



MY JOURNAL: The icy air freezes my face, complimentary Botox for the 6am walking enthusiasts!

The Sun, Me and winter rations

When the sun rises on the watery horizon a distinct clear point of reference occurs. The orange sky behind me, I stride up the steep hill, the pace of a London dweller hasn’t left me yet. Perhaps it is one of the things I will keep a hold of. With every stride the earth is rotating towards me, making the steep incline pass quicker even by just a teeny fraction. I am very aware in this moment that the ground I tread on is not stationary.

With the sun appearing to pass over the sky, we are blessed with an allotted time stamp, before we pass the buck to the USA.

Global citizens sharing the sun on a 24 hour time stamp. In winter we are on rations and we feel it in our chilled bones. (UK citizen)

The beauty of sunrise is ordinary man made objects, (structures designed with ugliness) are illuminated peachy. The ordinary becomes extraordinary from dawn to sunrise.

The magic of each sunrise is its fleeting moments in time, never to be the same again! A snapshot which is now history.


I hear voices, indistinct. Un-eaves droppable. Are they too far away? Or are they seagulls? ………… Yes I can conclude it is seagulls social on Saturdays.

365 sunrises. All so different, undetectable by the weather man. Undetectable by modern apps. Nature is more spontaneous and therefore powerful than our human technology. 

The birds sunrise watering hole…their water troughs formed with the low tide and gentle sand banks.

The wavy wash line of stones, bones and shells, evidence of a life in another deep blue dimension which I stroll along the edge of. An outsider to their world.

I show up for the great display and if doesn’t come, I show up the next day anyway. With the hope of being witness to such epic creativity that I am grateful to draw insights from for my own human existence.

Crows, roses and death – the unusual findings of the last 7 days of sunrise strolls.

Running Mornings

The morning run, sunrise is hiding. Running the same route, except it is never the same. The details, the happenings are always unique.

One moment in time is just that.

One moment. One viewer. One observation.

One moment. Two viewers is two different moments.

Sea foam, ice berg.

With the distant lights of the cruise liner in the bay which appears to be super glued on top of the water. Motionless, unaffected by the ripples of the English Channel.

Sea foam, ice berg, black hull, piercing illuminated portholes. 2020 Titanic visuals.


The pigeons make out.

Grandma and Grandad, watching the world go by, beak to beak at 45º angle.

Or are they passing food?

Which now seems a little gross!

….That’s true love.

Saliva glued food delivery, straight into your mouth.

Deliveroo for pigeons.

Do pigeons have saliva?

Google says they do…but their mouths are less important in digestion than ours.

Imagine being able to put food straight into your mouth and just swallow.

Gulp and it’s gone.

Can they taste the food?

Google says Yes, thanks google, my most consulted friend.

They have taste buds but not as many as humans.

However if they consume too much salt….the salt that humans lay down to melt icy winter roads, now becomes a threat. 

Salt poisoning threat to pigeons.

Safe roads…now a non threat to humans.

Big trade off. An in humane transaction.

A win – lose transaction.

Another example of Human 1 – Nature 0 transaction.

Weather mornings

When I feel the cool wind on my face, my bare skin…I know I am alive.

When I feel the water droplets, that have fallen from the grey clouds above, colliding with my forehead before dripping down onto my nose. I know I am alive.

When my face meets the travelling wind, blocking its path, it does not complain, it just flows around me.

What does it feel like being in a human body?

The wind whips past my exposed ears, nature’s equivalent to the sound of white noise escaping from the analogue television.

Grey skies.

Grey reflects grey. The clouds to the sea.

Grey reflects grey. A bleak mood to the bleak encounters/experiences.

What do you enjoy the most about the human experience we are living?

Sun worshiping

Laying on the sand, eyeline with the pebbles, shells, seaweed and the white wash lapping water. The ripples and shimmering orange glow always in perfect alignment. 

An orange corridor of light all the way to the sun as she rises again.

Pinch me. Pure bliss.

A daily sunrise ritual becoming a form of worship. She (sun) ‘Qi’ triggers all the goods vibes.

Have you ever watched the sunrise or set, whilst basking in the sun-rays and been disappointed with her or that moment? I cannot recall a time…ever!

Rainy Days

Thursdays rain

Why do we avoid the rain? Yet shriek in delight at the sight of snow?

Why do we avoid the rain, when the patting of raindrops colliding with my hood, evokes a sense of warmth and protection. Snuggly vibe.

Walking in the rain…birds, animals, nature…they are the only ones out here…do they celebrate the lack of humans in their space?

The guls, move slower…there is no threat, perhaps their wings are heavy, drenched. Does it make it harder to fly carrying the water in their wings?

Seagull and human eating habits

Where do guls sleep? What do they eat…except chips. Seagulls pinch your chips – how little I know of them. The ignorance feels embarrassing as I type.

The man brings the seeds. The seagulls flock.

Is human food tastier? Or just easier as they don’t have to find it?

As humans are eating habits are similar to the seagulls.

Fresh homegrown, untouched produce is rich in flavour but it takes more time and effort. Or supermarket packaged to go and fast food is more expensive and less nutritious but less effort. We always pick the easier option. We look for ease despite the consequences. (Tradeoff/payoff)

To have shelter when the skies are wild, is the most precious thing.

Light and shadows

The illuminated bulb stretches across the blades of shadowed grass.

Does light project our shadow?

Does light allow are shadow to be seen?

Does light bring awareness to our shadow if we choose to look in the right direction and face it.

The Moon

The moon I see is the same moon citizens on all continents see. 

There are 100’s of thousands of people born on the same day as me, looking up at this same moon.

I wonder if we are similar. If it would be like talking to a familiar friend.


Nature is full of magical moments, glimpses of time and extraordinary creativity. Being present in nature grounds you, helps you reconnect your mind, spirit and body to the energy field of vibrant living.

We are all creative beings, despite what are ‘job’ or current hobbies are….we are creating ideas, art, connection every single day.

Can you remember what it was like to create as a child? Endless ideas and magic. How fun would it be to bring that creativity back into your adult life?

  1. get out in nature every single day
  2. try observational writing, you don’t have to share it with anyone, so let your imagination get carried away, laugh at the stories you have created… totally in the moment!
  3. create a drawing…. draw/paint what you see. Or draw paint whatever you feel like in that moment. Again….this is a practice for you…so whatever feels like fun, trust it, express it!! And don’t judge whether its good or not…. unless your intention is to sell your art?! Just have fun… its a practice of letting go, setting yourself free of boundaries, of adulting, of your own ego.
  4. Take photos….not only for social media sharing, just for you. Capture the moment, capture the detail that caught your eye, be on the look out for something that sparks your imagination, have FUN snapping away!!

If you want to share any of your observations….. I would LOVE to read/see your fun, weird, quirky imagination and creations! To see your unique human perspective… that’s the magic!

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