Isolation – is it vital for the human Soul?

Mar 11, 2021



“You must learn one thing, the world was made to be free in. Give up all the other worlds except the one which you belong. Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweat confinement of your aloneness to learn, anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.

‘Sweet Darkness’, From ‘The House of Belonging’

Poems by David Whyte

My writing contribution:

Sitting alone on the edge of the land. The whole country behind you, the vastness of all possibilities is possible. There is no wrong direction, just a journey that pivots and realigns to bring you to the place in the universe where the expression of God flows through you effortlessly. (God…source energy, universe, higher power….whatever feels good for you)

If you are struggling with isolation:

Back in November when I got pinged by track and trace I was angry! Angry that this had happened with ‘said’ person I had been in contact with, angry at the phone calls and texts I kept getting reminding me of my ‘legal obligation’. Angry that others were allowed to work and earn a living and I was not (being self employed this was VERY triggering).

Whether you are religious or not….I found huge comfort on listening, watching and learning about Taoism. (I had heard the words ‘Tao de Ching’ from listening to Dr Wayne Dyer previously but up until this point I had no idea of what Taoism was/is and in writing this I cannot recall what led me to explore Taoism at that moment in time)

I will share the links below of what my curiosity discovered. Maybe it will help or maybe it will serve to help you connect to something after that…. which will then open you up to an alternative perspective. The end objective….to help you reconnect back to you. A place of peace and ease for your mind, body and spirit.

Tao – The way of mother nature

TAOISM – The art of not trying
TAOISM – The Power of Letting Go
Wayne dyer of living the Tao
Wu Wei – The art of effortless living – Alan Watts

Is isolation vital for the human soul?

From my Journal: Day 2 of official Self Isolation

In one breathe I feel bitter and angry.

Angry that everyone seems to still be working. Allowed to earn money and I am not.

Bitter that now the one thing I love and brings me a sense of calm….being outside in nature. I am not ‘allowed’ to do.

Angry that there is minimal financial support from the government, leading to my business closing and a UC payment that doesn’t even cover my rent let alone food to eat!

Bitter that my best efforts have been stalled and halted consistently this year.

But dwelling on this is NOT serving me.

In another breath I see this as an opportunity to adjust, to re-centre and realign with the possibility of who I can be next. The ever evolving journey of my life.

I have decided to not post or look on social media. Treat this as a retreat!!

“In stillness, I listen. In stillness, I surrender.

This is an opportunity to remove all distraction and return to self.

In stillness I communicate with the root of creation.

To flow, to realign with nature alone. Be at one with nature.


Day 6 of Official self isolation.

The days are appearing to pass quickly. Solitude, I have discovered allows deeper thinking. A calmer mind. To Be with myself.

I notice… things, space, time and nature more profoundly. Exploring the questions and rumination of thought more deeply. Less distractions. No outside opinions.

I have always understood humans to be social beings, needing interaction and social contact. I am beginning to think this is not 100% true.

Is isolation vital to the soul? Is a period of isolation vital to hear your truth? Then go forth back into the world and put into action your discoveries?

The sun beams through the window, so timely as if someone blatantly switched on a torch and shone it on my face. The universe is confirming YES….it is these subtleties that you fine tune into when alone. Once just a coincidence or perhaps I wouldn’t have even noticed. Now the subtleties are profound.

As I retype these words today from my journal, I realise this period of time was the ‘real’ start of this blog, putting pen to paper, learning and sharing The Great Obsession conversation with you.

History of Isolation and Solitude…

Isolation is not just a 2020 term. Throughout history ‘being alone’ for an extended amount of time has been awakening and pivotal in people’s lives.

Matthew McConerley – Am sure you have all heard of this super famous actor. The following month after my enforced ‘self isolation’ I listened to a podcast episode with McConerley on The Rich Roll Podcast.



Matthew McConaughey took 52 days of solitude in the desert, no phone (apart from 1 call at 6pm each day to speak with family) no email and unplugged from social media to write his memoir book Greenlights. Which has just been released (and a best seller)

He discuss’s taking time out to recalibrate through his whole career. He says “it’s necessary”. He discusses that initially it is a challenge but by day 12/13 of isolation he experiences a break through start to happen. Same pattern each time he takes ‘time out’.

Other famous figures noting isolation time as beneficial…

Two of the greatest tools for any creative….the TIME needed to create and uninterrupted FOCUS. So enforced solitude is a winning combo!

Frida Kahlo once confessed, “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone.” J.D. Salinger cut himself off from society in order to focus on his art, even going so far as to have his author photo removed from Catcher in the Rye prior to publication in an effort to avoid celebrity.

Pablo Picasso is quoted saying, “Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.”  Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, recorded the band’s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago whilst in a cabin north of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he was taking some time to recover from health issues.

Jesus – spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert, as a form of prepping for a major task.

To prepare for a major task Luke 4:1-2, 14-15. After Jesus was baptised He spent 40 days praying in the wilderness. After this He was tempted by Satan and then began His public ministry.

Finally, spiritual retreats, 7 day, 10 day silent meditations where people pay money to be in silence or alone.

Just because it is enforced, rather than your choice….doesn’t mean that you cannot make it your choice too. Choose to see it as an experiment, choose to use the limitations to your advantage to help discover something new.

Round Up

Isolation/solitude is different from being lonely.

Have you experienced Enforced Isolation and to what degree? What was your experience? Let me know….would love to start a conversation around this? See what perspective you have on it?

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