What is freedom? Are We Free?

Mar 8, 2021



Are we free?

Is it a matter of perspective…which is changeable?

Time in space (journal entry): Lockdown 3.0, UK The never ending pandemic progression!

6 weeks minimum of home time, alone time.

Nature time. Nature news. Nature interactions.

I am taking back control. Correction … I am reclaiming my power and protecting my power from this moment forward.

The same power that moves oceans, creates swells and tides, allows trees to grow from tiny saplings. The same power that wild birds possess as they swoop across the skies, that allows mountains to form and change in size.

The same power that holds huge sheets of ice … frozen and glistening under the bright sun.

The universal power that opens buds to form delicate flowers with symmetry running through their petal formations.

Patterns in Nature
Mountains in Scotland

I am a part of that nature, in writing these words, my consciousness and physical form is a sentient being amongst other sentient beings and forces of nature on our planet earth.

I am a work of art.

The human form is a miraculous work of art and when we look after nature, we take on a role as a guardian. That is a true privilege and one we should value with the utmost regard.

How can we experience a greater sense of freedom?

How can we CREATE a greater sense of inner freedom? Free to express our truth.

Self expression in its purest form. Without fear of judgement, being liked or criticised.

Freedom is being comfortable both alone and around lots of people. You may have a preference but you can do both easily.

Freedom is adapting….. or CHOOSING to adapt. Adapting when necessary and evolving in that space.

Freedom is surrendering, practicing acceptance and non resistance. This is not to be interpreted as laying horizontal waiting for life to happen and pass by. It is surrendering any resistance built up by the ego chattering, disliking and fighting. YOU CAN LET GO.

You can choose to make a conscious choice, a lighter more effortless choice.

Freedom is choosing your reactions and being able to choose again if one doesn’t feel so good. Freedom is being able to zoom out. To see multiple perspectives and to choose which reaction and action scenario YOU WANT to experience. 

Freedom is knowing that each waking morning is Day 1. It honestly feels like a miracle occurs during the hours of darkness whilst I am snuggled up under the duvet sleeping, the built up energy and worries of the previous evening have subsided.

A calmness in the early waking hours before sunrise, my energy resets and I get to choose again.

The fears, worries and anxieties of the previous night can be likened to a river, the water moving hastily, nearing the riverbank edge, warnings of danger and flooding. By morning, I wake and the river is slow moving, the river banks vast and exposed. The water height subsided to a mere free flowing stream.

Types of freedom:

I am sure my fellow wild spirited beings will to be craving freedom to explore and roam all day and night. With lockdown 3.0 in the UK right now, I just want to remind you it’s a physical lockdown ONLY!

Socially – we can connect online. 

Emotionally – we have the opportunity to set ourselves free. To let all the emotions rise, surface and then let them pass on!

Spiritually – it is an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, our internal nature. Our nature in relation to nature in the garden. Our nature as part of the nature in our environment. Our nature in relation to a wider community, county, country and Mother Earth!.

Spiritually our connection is always there it cannot be broken. But we can block it, with or without knowing. The good news is we can reconnect our connection and unblock simply by stepping outside. When the cool air brushes over your face, take a deep breathe and let the fresh icy air in! Without the fresh air our lifeline of oxygen would mean instant death. It is vital for us, for all humans and for all other sentient beings to exist.

Breathing is like a never ending dance, back and forth exchanging C02 and 02. A dance that is gentle and flowing when our bodies are resting at night. A dance with an upbeat tempo when exerting energy through exercise like running, cycling, swimming. A slow-mo dance almost frozen in peaceful time when free divers glide beneath the waters surface. The dance continues 24/7, oxygen exchanging, a connection with the air around us wherever we go, a connection to nature from our first breath to our last.

Spiritual freedom is an inside job that depends on your belief and awareness. A knowing that can be strengthen or weakened by daily practice. A simple walk in nature. Sitting on a bench in the park or forest. When immersed in this raw, rugged, wild environment it gives us an opportunity to explore the raw rugged, wild essence of who we are.

Do we mimic/mirror what we sense, see, hear, feel?

Stripping back our human-ness, all the inventions, stories, limitations, possessions, fears. We are left with not something reduced but something allowed to expand. If you imagine an invisible circle around you, all our human-ness ideas and layers form around the circle in varying sizes and intensities. It appears either full, closed off or with great depth depending how you feel about the ‘things’.

Once we remove, or see beyond these ‘things’ our circle expands indefinitely. That is the possibility and (my) truth of our spiritual selves.


Our spiritual selves can never be locked down by anyone or thing. At any point we can choose to see beyond the human-ness obstacles and discover a whole new experience, which is like being supercharged with energy and excitement.

Spiritually if we accept the rules, feel the weight of it like a ‘good citizen’ and so shrink our being, we are blocking our spiritual freedom. Protesting against something is also blocking too because your energy, focus and action is focussed solely on the thing you want freedom from.

Focus – fuelled with intense passion and rage will restrict you even further. Most of the time you are not aware that this is causing you even more stress/harm.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.

Serernity Prayer

Ask yourself – do I feel any better once I have protested? There are some things that can’t be changed…. lockdown, the weather, our family etc….

Spiritual freedom is non resistance. It is letting go of preference and allowing yourself to create and reconnect in the space between. Whatever your truth desires….that’s your choice.

That is my life mission, to follow what my truth desires and I pray for everyone to be able to experience and go after that freedom for themselves.


  • What does freedom mean to you?
  • Did my words resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below

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