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2020 Vision…A reconnection to our nature!

Mar 8, 2021



2020 vision.

I saw myself clearer than I have ever before, what my life was and wasn’t, the path I was on and repeating…and I JUMPED!

One of my favourite quotes that I came across in 2020 is by Walt Whitman. 

“Re – examine all you have been told. Dismiss that which insults your soul”.

Walt Whitman

Those words hit me hard! It gave me permission to breathe, to lower my tense shoulders and let go of the ‘should’s’, I was done playing the part of ‘being a good citizen’ over my own sanity!

I believe as human beings:

  • We have a moral compass,
  • We know right from wrong,
  • We are kind and caring to our neighbours,
  • We know joy and we know what bliss and ease feels like,
  • We know how laughing til our belly aches with tears streaming down our face feels so damn good and nourishing.
  • We know how wonderful a feeling it is when the sun warms our face.
  • We know that listening to a birds song in the woods, or the sound of waves crashing is calming and cathartic even if we can’t explain why… it just is.
  • We know watching an animal in the wild (as wild as its gets over here in the UK) is kinda magical… even if said animal is just on a casual stroll.
  • We know how to look out for each other, for animals, birds and insects too.
  • We know how to look out for our environment, the sea and beach, the lakes, forests, grassy fields and parks.

WE KNOW ALL OF THIS…. but we have also created a society…. A psychotic one with the headline ‘Fear everything’. A society that relies on us to be in a state of fear. A constant bombarding narrative of fear based messaging, which over time disconnects us from our truth.

We are beautiful humans, sometimes wearing an ugly mask!

It is time to reconnect; with our truth, our own creativity, our own magic and create a new way of being human.

I have adopted Walt Whitman’s words as my personal motto and I encourage you to too. So on that note…If what I write resonates with you, then cool, if it doesn’t feel free to ignore everything and carry on with your day!

The Great Obsession Blog came about in 2 parts:

Part 1:

My own journey….here are the words from my journal dated 18/11/20: 

I broke free.

I walked.

I watched sunrise.

I returned to my nature. 

I returned to the nature that I am.

A place where my being is calm and grounded.

One deep inhaling breath of cool sea air, the energy of life flowing back through me.

The sunrise, so beautiful, so colourful, I shed a tear. Ok, shed is an understatement. The tears flooded my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. Pure joy weeping from within. 

Tears say so much without the need for words.

I have cried everyday for the last 5 days. Today’s tears were the first from joy.

God/Universe/source consciousness (interpret however you choose) is lighting up the world this morning. Mother Nature reflecting the vibrancy of colour. Mother Nature reminding me of who I am. Who we are. Vibrant, colourful, unique perfection just as we are.

Perfect in just being. Everchanging miracles and expressions of nature.

Today at 31 years of age, just shy of 32, I witnessed a rainbow at sunrise, a bold radiant spectrum of light. Then….a double rainbow. Or that was my perception. The second visible spectrum, fainter but present.

Self Talk:

I absorb and let the energy of the universe flow through me today. Shining a light for others. Breathing life into others and awakening others to the powerful connection to nature.

I am nature. We are nature. My nature is at home amongst nature.

To Government/rule makers – I am nature, therefore separation is not possible without negative consequences. You cannot cut the cord to our lifeline, to our very existence. (note…this is not a political ‘for or against’ any side, I do not wish to spend energy fighting for something or against something….this is my observation as a human being…I desire a ‘new way’)

We are the art of creation. We are an expression of creation. We are powerful beyond measure. 

The more I separate myself from what is expected of me (and doesn’t feel good) the more free I become.

Part 2….

I KNOW I am not the only one that feels this way, but sometimes I feel alone in my thoughts.

I crave community where I can be heard and challenged. 

I crave deep conversation, that is not superficial or fluff. My words to be received and not judged as either positive or negative… just raw. 

A rawness that is both light and heavy, evoking and provoking, real and bloody beautiful. Beautiful in that it encompasses the vast scale of our emotions on being, living and experiencing human life.

I crave conversation that holds space for this emotion. 

A dialogue that stimulates emotion, connection or creative ideas within the reader, however that manifests with their own unique truth and conscious expression.

So I invite you to let go of preconceived ideas and judgement when reading, in hope that it will broaden your experience of re-connecting to your true nature and the nature that surrounds you.

If you have read this far….BIG HIGH FIVE! Welcome to the great obsession long form convo!

The Great Obsession… A Love affair with Mother Nature and our internal nature.

My writing is an exploration of thoughts and concepts….that over time might change!

Has the last year made you see or experience things differently? Would love to hear in the comments below.

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    Love every word of this and I am here for it alll

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