What has solo sunrise walks taught me?

Mar 22, 2021



From my Journal:

I show up for the great display and if it doesn’t come, I show up the next day anyway. I am ready to receive here and now. I will keep showing up for this interaction and energetic communication. A portal to receive messages, insights or instructions for humanity or however you see I can be of use.

Every human being is an energy frequency, so all can receive inspiration, ideas or guidance. Our individual experience is based on what you are focused on.

Writing from my journal: Xmas eve 24/12/20

An aeroplane illuminated by its flashing signal light, glides east to west as I walk southerly towards the waters edge. Where is it going for Christmas. Where did it take off?

A glimmer of hope for travel and adventures to be had in the near future. Whilst the travelling news seems to be the only thing now ‘allowed’ to travel. The new Covid strain panicking nations into closing their borders to UK citizens originating from this island. An island cut off both physically and now intentionally. ‘The Plagued Island’ one headline reported. Severe language only an onlooker would embrace. Living on the ‘plagued island’, the fear is not present in my day to day life.

The true experience, of how things actually are, is dependant on the individual, their knowledge and where they focus their attention. My attention is on the sun, the clouds, the birds and animals. Nature, the tides and the stars.

My observations conclude nothing much has changed, nature is still in motion, still absolutely magical and has the ability to leave me speechless, teary with joy or laughing out loud (to myself)

Truth is in nature. That is my experience and therefore my reality.

The only constant is change.

Morning observations:

  • The weather changes every day.
  • The sun rises each day but the location of the sun rising shifts month to month.
  • The moon phases and the location of the moon in the sky changes every day.
  • The birds, the animals are always moving…in motion.
  • The trees, the plants, the vegetation is in a constant cycle through the seasons. Growth – death – rebirth -growth.
  • The tides are always shifting, in and out throughout the day. Each morning, at the same human concept of time the water height is different, according to which stage the tide is currently in.

Everything in nature is in forward motion. I am a part of nature therefore everything that makes up my life….physical, mental, social, emotional, etc is in forward motion.

Change is inevitable, so accepting and allowing change and choosing to flow with it is a truth.

Do stars really sparkle?

Venus shining bright in the sky, clear, twinkling to the eye. Does it really sparkle? Or is that what my retinas percieve?

“Google research”

Stars twinkle or appear to twinkle…because light from a star or planet, races through the atmosphere at varying levels of density and air temperature. So the refractive index (hoping you remember refraction from science lessons) of air is changing continuously, which causes the position and brightness of a star to keep changing continuously therefore the star appears to twinkle!

The refraction of light – powerful and dazzling!

Science for the win! Science for positive aesthetics.

A normal day, no telescope and I can see another planet, that is mind blowing! How at 32 has this only just occurred to me? 

So much still to learn.

Childlike curiosity of the planet.

In wonder and awe always!

Does sound travel faster when the sky is clear or blanketed with clouds?

The seagull chorus vibrates loudly through the clear, dark blue nautical twilight. 

Is it because the skies are clear that I hear louder noises?

Another *Google Search*

  • Low level cloud intensifies the sound waves at ground level. The sound waves from birds, machinery, etc is bounced back to ground, transforming the sounds wave so sounds appear louder!

Therefore it seems the gulls I heard would have sounded full blast chorus if the weather had been different.

So the weather scientifically affects the human experience when in nature.

My favourite days are when snow covers the land and sounds are reduced to stillness. Perhaps my nervous system thrives when my environment is calm?

The sun rises every single day…No matter what! Sometimes we can see her, sometimes she is hidden….but she shows up every single day anyway despite what goes on around her. Imagine if the sun decided not to rise one day because the clouds were so thick she couldn’t be seen, so couldn’t be bothered or thought it didn’t matter.

I am the sun, every human being is as important as the sun. Even if I think it doesn’t matter if I get up or not, if I show up or not….if I am adding value to the world or not….I get up and keep being me. My presence is felt even if its not super obvious.


  • Our individual experience of life is based on what you are focused on.
  • What the media shows you, what others tell you…does not have to be your experience. The true experience is dependant on the individual, your knowledge and where you focus your attention.
  • The weather scientifically affects the human experience when in nature. Sounds appear louder or quieter dependent on cloud cover and height.
  • Everything in nature is in forward motion according to its own divine timeline. You are a part of nature therefore everything that makes up your life….physical, mental, social, emotional, etc etc is in forward motion too. On your own divine timeline.
  • Change is inevitable, so accepting and allowing change and choosing to flow with it is a truth of this life experience.
  • Like the sun…your presence is felt even if it not super obvious….like you cannot be seen visually!
  • Stars appear to twinkle because of light refraction through the atmosphere! Science for the win!!

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