Water Ninjas and Love letters to the Sun.

Mar 18, 2021



Have you ever seen the water ninjas?

They only come out to play at dawn. Their faint silhouettes glide along the water’s surface before disappearing out of view. It’s like a plug hole opens up and swallows them. Their silhouettes vary in stature, some tall and lean, some small and thick or irregular shapes. From what I have witnessed, the leaner the stature the smoother the ninjas glide across the water. It’s mesmerising. They always appear to be in pairs. I have yet to see a solo ninja, lost from his or her pack. The most I have seen is a 5 team ninja. Despite appearing as a team they work solo.

I wonder what their dawn mission is? Are they in training?

Are they protecting the water?

Are they in some kind of spiritual union, cleansing themselves or cleansing the water?

Are they communicating with the ocean, testing her temperament to be able to forecast warning signs for the day/s ahead?

Water ninjas, gliding along the surface, their silhouettes becoming more and more visible as the earth rotates towards the sun.

Then like magic, when the fiery orange slither of the rising sun pierces through the bed of clouds on the horizon, the ninjas are gone.

To my beloved Sun.

Hello my friend. It’s been 10 whole days since I have seen you but I have felt your presence, I know you are there.

You are the most consistent friend I have. In fact everybody has. 10 whole days. 240 hours. 14400 minutes give or take, yes….I missed you so much. I miss the way you light up the rolling waves, a shimmering, dazzling white light. I miss the colours you create, refracting through the clouds and particle filled atmosphere. I missed the warm glow saturating my face, like a warm comforting hug. It has been quieter on my morning adventures without you. Today, you bought people out from underneath their duvet.

Your pull is magnetising.

Influential without words. 

Influential in just being you.

Influential by your radiating presence.

From all sentient beings, we love you and we thank you. I can’t wait to see what masterpiece you create in the skies tomorrow morning!

In eager anticipation for that moment, with gratitude, your devout friend, Emele. 

Getting outside for sunrise.

Wherever you live, even in the dense urban city you will always be able to find somewhere to watch the sun rise with a clear view of the horizon.

I recommend:

  • Planning ahead, especially if you live in land.
  • Find the sunrise position.
  • Note the sunrise time….and in my experience plan to get to your location 20-30mins before sunrise time. The illumination of the sky changing colours is magnificent!

In the northern hemisphere the sun rises and sets at varying angles throughout the year, due to the earths rotation. You can easily find the specific info for your location using what I call ‘human friendly apps’.

Technology that BENEFITS our reconnection to our internal nature and the nature that surrounds us.

I use the app LunaSolCal (this is what it looks like on my android phone)

Would love you to share your sunrise pics on social media….either tag @thegreat.obsession or #thegreatobsession so I can marvel at your pics too!

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