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Apr 5, 2021



Everything that happens in the Universe starts with an INTENTION. Deepak Chopra

The BIG question: Why is bold action, attention and focus not being placed on climate change and healing the planet?

Why are humans generally ignoring it? (myself included to a degree)

  1. Why is there no major developments towards a pro-climate future?
  2. Looking at human behaviour
  3. Re-imagining the future.

I know there are amazing human beings out there that care deeply about meat/dairy consumption, animals, sustainable living etc….I Love you all, Mother Nature loves you too! When I say ‘humans generally ignoring’ the situation I am looking at is the bigger picture of society, including the people that have power to make radical changes, industry and company giants that have resources, money and technology.

On an individual level, I care deeply about nature, animals, my carbon footprint, sustainable practices etc, but I know I could be/want to be doing far more to make a difference. For myself…. time, money and work constraints are a factor. It is a privilege to be able to shop organic, sustainable and plastic free everything. To have the time and money to go to specialist shops for food and household goods is not feasible for a lot of people/families. To have an electric car at the current price point is a privilege not available to a lot of people. I would love to live in an eco-home but again that is not an option for most or myself currently.

These are a just a few possible restrictions for someone that is Pro-climate and cares about the future of the planet and human race!! There are people that are still unaware or aware but in denial.

So we need to look at the bigger picture, this post is a starting point to this conversation, for sure there will be more posts on the topic of Pro-climate!

Why is there no major developments towards a pro climate future? Is it…

Is it because individually people feel powerless and hopeless which stirs up a lot of unhealthy emotions therefore it’s easier and more comfortable to play ignorant rather than face such harsh truths?

Other possibilities:

  • Are humans so disconnected from themselves and from their nature that they don’t feel the cry from mother earth?
  • Is it because ordinary life and obligations to pay bills, look after family, meet deadlines at work etc is overwhelming and all consuming?
  • Is it awareness…real understanding of the severity of our situation?

In case ‘awareness’ resonates with you… Sir David Attenborough’s documentary is a must watch! There are several others but we are all familiar with the soothing voice of Attenborough! You can stream it on Netflix, here is a short trailer for you….

Why do humans harm the planet? Individually – leave litter on the beach/in parks etc, collectively – fossil fuels, factory/processed meat and dairy consumption etc. A question that I often ponder and still have yet to answer but if we are a part of nature and not separate from it, perhaps we can make the connection by asking, why do we harm ourselves?

We harm ourselves in multiple ways –

  • Eating processed foods
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Mind altering drugs
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Prioritising hustle and working long hours over rest and restorative sleep.
  • Talking badly about ourselves – “I am…….fat, thin, ugly, stupid, an idiot, not clever enough etc”
  • Following other peoples guidance rather than trusting our own inner guidance system

Why does our default seem to be harmful rather than loving and kind?

My experience is we have to consciously make a decision to focus on being kind and loving towards ourselves. Do some people love themselves first and always?

“She loves herself”, “He loves himself” – Why do those sayings have a negative connotation to them? Surely that is a thing to be celebrated? Which leads me onto the question of….

What is healing?

Is it just remembering the truth of who we are? An absolute miracle of nature. An expression of consciousness/God/universe in human form?

If so…how destructive it is that we are not taught our truth? We are taught to be a certain way from infancy, for the pleasantness/pleasing of others but not for the pleasing of our individual expression. So when we reach adulthood and we are discontent, bored and unfulfilled with our lives, we sense something is missing as our light is dwindling. Only then do we seek help and the process of ‘healing’ starts.

Imagine if throughout all of our lives we were consistently reminded of the magic of who we are? Individuals were celebrated for their uniqueness rather than labelled as odd/weird or as if there was something wrong with them? Imagine if people who thought differently were asked to share their perspectives and celebrated for bringing to life a perspective that might not have been clear for someone else.

How do you think this narrative would have changed your childhood and how you show up as an adult now?

Is it a disconnection bought about by nurture….what we have learned and seen growing up? If so, can we then see this disconnection is also a disassociation from our truth of being a unique expression in human form temporarily on this planet? If we are a part of nature and nature is created perfectly in line with what it is supposed to be, then so are we?

The sunflower cannot be a daffodil. No matter how much it wants to be, it will always be disappointed in its trials and experiments to change its natural form. It can improve itself as a sunflower and become the most radiant sunflower possible but never can it be a daffodil.

Imagine if we accepted this fate for our individual human form including our natural talents, interests, skills and internal nature. Instead of trying to be anything we are not, we worked on strengthening, building and shining our own magic brighter for the whole world to see. What if children were listened to and encouraged to do this, taking away the parents narrative and hopes for them.

A current example….is Greta Thunberg, an exceptional and courageous women that took bold action for what she saw, felt and believed in, she was compelled to take action by her own unique perspective of the world. Yet, some media and high profile people have created damaging stories about her personal character in relation to Aspergers. Greta’s experience of the world may be different to societies ‘normal’ but that doesn’t make it a hindrance as the media have told….if an individual feels something more intensely than others and the facts back it up….shouldn’t we be grateful for her unique insight and truth, rather than tarnish her message.

Why do we have different perspectives and morals if we all originated from the same universal source?

Is it Nature or Nurture?

Nature – think of it as our pre-wiring, influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors.

Nurture – influence of external factors after we are born, family life and experiences, our learning and what we have been exposed to.

Innovation for the future of mother earth.

The crisis of climate change is a crisis of disconnection between the facts and the feelings. We know something is true but we don’t feel it is true or live as if it is true. A stealth denial. We speak as if we believe it but it’s not obvious from our behaviour and the way we vote, campaign for and talk about, that we accept this is a real problem.

Jonathan Rowson – On being podcast episode:

“We need to pause, step off the treadmill and the sinuous fear that is around us and develop some kind of immunity to those forces that are constantly telling us who we are and how we should live”

How we should live.

This is the idea that troubles me the most in our current times. With the pandemic and Brexit a whole lot has changed. With change comes opportunity and space. It is the chance to create something new. To rethink and speak up about your creative ideas. Implement them on a community-level trial them out and recreate our future.

Why I/we no longer want to listen to people telling me/us HOW we should live. When what I want….which is for the good of people and the planet is not being listened to.

If it doesn’t sit well with me, it doesn’t sit well with others either.

  • The government tells you how you should live.
  • Society tells you what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
  • Family tells you what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and places their expectations on you.
  • Work colleagues/companies control what you can and cannot do outside of work. (working with certain brands, posting etiquette to social media etc)
  • Local councils – voted for by the people….but only one party wins and if that is not your preference…then their agenda differs to yours.
  • Our peers – we want to be included….so we adapt our behaviour and beliefs to mould to the group.
  • Social media – although we know it’s a highlight reel, comparing ourselves to others still exists and believing we need to be like someone else to be successful etc.

An overall sense of pressure to look good and do good by others but if their perspective differs from yours, and your perspective is morally good but more progressive you are the outlier. An outlier that not only faces unpopularity in a society that rewards popularity, it can also affect your income/job or lack of income/job.

It can also affect mental or emotional health, by not being heard, seen or valued….which as a human being we need and crave. Living and speaking your truth can separate you from society or separate you into a smaller group of like minds that are still separate from the current ‘whole’ society. Nobody wants to be outside the pack consistently, it would be a terribly lonely life. So you dance back and forth from your truth to fit in with social situations, whilst you temporarily suppress your demands for systemic change. You turn off your feelings. In the long-term this can be a dangerous dance of reconnecting and disconnecting.

My intention is to stay in the space of reconnection and bring the community of deep thinkers, artists, ‘rebels’ into the side of reconnection. Celebrating human evolution, expansion and adaptation…. that recognises humans as part of nature not separate from it. That values life in all its forms, that celebrates self-expression which originates from the source of our truth not the ego.

Re-imagining the future, visualise…

  • Imagine throughout all of our lives we were consistently reminded of the magic of who we are.
  • Imagine if people who thought differently were asked to share their perspectives and were celebrated for bringing to life a perspective that might not have been clear for someone else.
  • Imagine we accepted our fate of our individual human form including our natural talents, interests, skills and internal nature. Instead of trying to be anything we are not, we worked on strengthening, building and shining our own magic brighter for the whole world to see.
  • With significant changes to daily life that we have experienced over the last year, we know that drastic, imminent change is possible. It’s not too unrealistic anymore to demand systemic change for the future. The last year has gifted us all a fresh perspective and opportunity to create something new….a human friendly, nature friendly environment where we prioritise pro-climate innovation for the future of mother earth in its entirety.
  • Imagine being so in tune with yourself that when you required guidance or support, you turn to stillness because you knew you had all the answers from your own internal guidance system.
  • Imagine a society that celebrates and encourages innovators, scientists, artists and creative minds who are visionaries for the future….not just when they make something that goes viral but through the process of their work to get to the point of radical change for communities and countries.
  • Imagine if we really listened to and then TOOK ACTION based on the brilliant minds and ideas of children/teenagers, neurodivergent people, indigenous people or any population group that experiences the world differently to the ‘norm’, rather than judging their perspective as a weakness or anything along the lines of ‘less than’….we saw their perspectives as valuable gifts and extraordinary insights.
  • Imagine if we collectively chose to disregard media of any format that was non human/planet friendly.
  • Imagine if we celebrated and truly respected Mother Earth, nature, the stars, the animals, plants, trees, rivers and oceans.
  • Imagine we became so obsessed with Mother Nature and the riches she provides. We would be in constant awe of our planet celebrating the greatest artistry, creativity, innovation, evolution, sounds, visuals, details, sensations and experiences. If we work with nature, bathe in the beauty of daylight….our daily lives would be pure bliss. Harmonious magic!

Documentaries on Pro Climate Innovation…

There are many…here is few I have enjoyed and learned from all available to watch on Netflix!

How do you feel about Pro-Climate change/action, lack of action? Any resources you would like to share with the community…..drop them in the comments below.

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