Holistic Ibiza: Cave and Cava experience

Apr 4, 2023



Holistic Ibiza

Known for its wild parties, famous nightclubs, superyachts and sunset vibes, Ibiza is the party capital of Europe. On the other hand, whilst living on the island during winter and spring I have since discovered an alternative narrative. A holistic Ibiza.

An island with a natural beauty and artistic flavour to it where you will discover cacao ceremonies, yoga, ecstatic dancing, agro tourism and nudist beaches. Not forgetting the most incredible sunrises and sunsets from your own private viewing spot. As a consequence of the bohemian influx during the 1930’s and 60’s, undertones of a holistic and creative lifestyle are still felt today. I found people are more connected to themselves and to the nature around them. This is the side of Ibiza that I love and how I discovered Cave and Cava experience hosted by Boo. (@yogawithboo)

A holistic Ibiza experience:

It’s 10am, the sun’s rays warm my cheeks, spring is in the air. I feel excitement rise within me dreaming of sun kissed skin and minimal clothing days.

Looking out to the sparking ripples of the Balearic Sea with the majestic uninhabited island of Es Vedrá in view, I count my blessings for living the island life.

Ibiza cave and cove

However, I am not here to stare out to the horizon and watch the world go by, not today anyway!

Cave and yoga

Playfully I spring from one rock to another over moon-like terrain searching for a path leading downwards. I spot a wooden post tucked behind a large rock signalling I am at the right place. With my feet turned out as if reliving those childhood ballet classes, I carefully descend the steps to the cave and location of this morning’s yoga class.

A gentle breeze brushes my skin, awakening my senses, as it tunnels through the archway of rock. Sitting crossed legged, on a spongy mat provided by the host, my eyelids soften and close behind my tinted sunglasses. Lapping waves colliding with rocks, complements the hypnotic beats vibrating out of the speaker and off the hollow cave interior.

In this moment I question, ‘Why have I never taken a yoga class outside before?’.

There is something about moving your body and connecting with your breath whilst surrounded by wild nature that feels energetically purifying. I didn’t realise how much I needed this.

This moment. This stillness. A chance to pause.

I expected downward dogs and tree poses however the moment Boo tapped my shoulder and asked me to choose an angel card, I knew this was a unique experience. As eager as I was to read my angel message I patiently placed it down underneath the mat as instructed.

Ibiza experiences cave and cava

Breathe in. Breathe out. My physical body softens as it warms through transitioning postures.

Breathe In, Breathe out. I notice the inner dialogue softens and my mind tunes into the present moment.

Angel Card

During Savasana (the part where you lay down, sink into the earth and never want to get up from), Boo asked us to set an intention. Mine was to let go of the negative feelings I had towards a situation that was out of my control.

With this intention in mind I turn over my angel card subsequently reading the message. Slowly as I read the words a second time, my smile widens whilst the warm fuzzy feeling of synchronicity begins to hug me like a comforting blanket from the universe. 

Experiences in Ibiza have an extra sparkle about them. Legends talk of the island’s magnetism, luring you in so that you never want to leave and many visitors would agree! Evidently, the statistics concur with Ibiza airport gaining recognition as the airport with the most missed flights globally!

Cava – A holistic Ibiza ritual.

The sparkle of this experience came in the glass of Cava we cheersed on the rooftop of an old fishing hut. Ibiza, in my experience, serves up a cocktail of holistic wellbeing. Open, in-tune people, beautiful mediterranean landscapes and a topping of playfulness to every experience. It’s a great recipe.

Holistic Ibiza, angel cards and sea swims

Sea Swim

Feeling the cosy warmth of cava entering my bloodstream, I stripped down to my bikini ready to plunge into the crystal clear shallows. I gasped and shrieked as my toes, ankles and thighs lowered into the water. Reminding me it’s the beginning of March and sea temperatures are at their lowest with a thermometer reading of 13.8°C.

As the cooling tidal waters hugged my skin I breathed deeply, slowly lifting my toes from the solid safety of the rocks below to suspend weightless. Floating on my back looking out to the bright blue sky. The rippling sensations of the salt water swell and the expanse of the ocean somehow cleanses and purifies, washing away all my ‘adulting’ worries.

Cave and Cava was a wonderful bespoke experience that I highly recommend. A chance to recalibrate and replenish your soul on your next visit to the white isle.

Want to know more?

To find out more about Cave and cava contact Boo through her website or on Instagram

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